The Roadster Is Probably Tesla’s Most Delayed Vehicle Ever

Tesla removes pricing for the Roadster, along with stopping reservations for the Founders Series

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The second-generation Tesla Roadster, which is supposed to hit the market by 2020, is still nowhere to be seen. It’s nearly the end of 2021, and Tesla apparently has removed pricing information on its website, along with stopping reservations for the Founders Series.

This move was first spotted by Electrek, but so far, the electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer has not given out any official word regarding this move.

The Roadster Is Probably Tesla's Most Delayed Vehicle Ever
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The Tesla Roadster was first announced in 2017, but fast forward to 2021, the company’s latest move is to remove pricing as well as reservations for the Founders Series

When the Tesla Roadster was first unveiled in 2017, customers could already make reservations for it. Those who want to be first in line had to plunk down $50,000 or even $250,000 for the Founders Series. The hype surrounding Tesla’s electric sports car is high, especially due to its claimed zero to 60 mph time of under 2 seconds.

Since then, the Tesla Roadster program has continually been delayed over and over again, especially as the company prioritizes development on the Cybertruck.

If you’re still believing in what Elon Musk says regarding the Roadster’s future and you want to reserve one, you can still lay down a $50,000 deposit for the standard model, but there are no pricing details anymore to speak of. It is a refundable deposit, however, so if you are already too impatient to wait, you can cancel your reservation anytime.

The Roadster Is Probably Tesla's Most Delayed Vehicle Ever
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What does this mean for the future of the Tesla Roadster? Unfortunately, your guesses are probably just as good as ours. It’s possible that the Founders Series has already been sold out. It’s also possible that the development of the Tesla Roadster has been so delayed, its pricing back in 2017 does not anymore reflect the circumstances of 2022.

Whatever the case, as long as Tesla does not have its own public relations (PR) team, as Elon Musk prefers not to have one, all of this will be a mystery to us. At five years since the vehicle’s launch, the Tesla Roadster is probably the company’s most delayed vehicle ever.

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