• When You Spend $10K On A PC, GTA V Can Look Downright Amazing

The level of detail is just breathtaking for such an old game

The world of gaming has exploded over the past decade to such extent that you can now buy a gaming PC for the price of a new supermini just to enjoy GTA V in 8K.

When You Spend $10K On A PC, GTA V Can Look Downright Amazing
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Case in point: the video below. The description says it runs on a $10,000+ gaming PC that is fitted with the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 graphics card, which is the most powerful piece of gear of its kind you can buy today.

It has got 24GB of GDDR6X memory and according to Tech Radar, "it reigns supreme over anything else available in the market." It also starts at $1,499, so there’s that.

When You Spend $10K On A PC, GTA V Can Look Downright Amazing
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Investment aside, the RTX 3090 can make even older games look like they have just been released today. GTA V is one of them and we must admit we never thought that a piece of hardware can extract as much visual goodness out of it. Of course, Rockstar Games are also worthy of praise for the work they’ve put in with GTA V.

That said, watching the video below will render the best-looking version of Los Santos you’ve ever witnessed. Just see for yourselves.

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