Hydro Storm 2


Ride your dangerous and mean jet ski across the racing track based on 6 apocalyptic cities. Use your jet ski weapons on other racers to eliminate them. Trigger powerups that you get along the race track. Make stunning stunts on the ramps placed in the race tracks and get a speed boost. The game is a tough one and requires great attention and racing skills. Are you ready to show your hand eye coordination skills? Prove them with this game as you conquer all 6 stunning race tracks.

How to play Hydro Storm 2?

Hydro Storm 2 is a typical racing game but on jet skis and it also includes weapons that you can use to eliminate other racers. There are 6 fabulous looking levels and cinematic effects for you to conquer. You can also get power ups along the way to your finish line. Make stunts to give yourself the speed boost and speed through other racers. There are 3 jet skis with different advantages available to play with from the beginning. So make a wise choice as this game gets tough by the second.


Z/LMB:Primary weapon
X/RMB - Secondary weapon
ESC/P: Pause game
M: Mute sound

What are the different jet skis available in this game?

There are 3 jet skis for you to play with. All 3 have different set of advantages over the other.
WAVECUTTER: Great for beginners
Primary Weapon: Machine Gun

RAZOR V2: For Speed Maniacs Only
Primary Weapon: Spreadgun

THUNDERFISH: Slower but great handling
Primary Weapon: Minigun

How to save progress in this game?

The game progress is saved in browser cache. Make sure you don’t delete your browser cache or data. Otherwise, You can lose all your game progress made in this game.

About the game

This game is developed by Xform Games. This developer is a premium developer known for their high quality games available to play for free on the web markets.
With this game, They have extended their production quality and offered a cinematic jet ski racing game set in stunning levels.
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Hydro Storm 2
- image 1042585
Fantastic Gameplay!
Chaotic environment and stunning visual gameplay. Play this game only on TopSpeed.com.
Hydro Storm 2
- image 1042586
3 stunning skis!
Play with 3 dangerous jet skis with weapons.
Hydro Storm 2
- image 1042587
Amazing VFX and AFX!
Experience a cinematic racing in this game.
Hydro Storm 2
- image 1042588
6 stunning racing levels!
Stunning race environments with cinematic visuals.
Hydro Storm 2
- image 1042589
Challenging Races to conquer!
Tough races to conquer and eliminate your opponents.

Similar/Alternative Games

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