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Drag Race: Demonology vs Plaid; This One’s Close

This Tesla Plaid wanted a slice of the Demonology, and that’s exactly what it got

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This Model S Plaid takes on a highly tuned sub-nine-second Dodge Demon. Thankfully, both cars are modified. The showdown took place at Xtreme Raceway Park, down in Dallas, Texas.

The Demonology

Drag Race: Demonology vs Plaid; This One's Close
- image 1041571
With that, the Demon is ready for round two pulling off a mega burnout

The Demonology really needs no introduction. It belongs to YouTuber Herman Young. His Dodge is a prudent force at the drag strip and consistently does well against the competition. The Demon as you know is a step up from the Challenger Hellcat, but this one takes it up a notch. The stock car features a 6.2-liter Hemi V-8 engine that produces 80 horsepower on standard 91 Octane, and that number climbs to 840 horses if you use 100 octane.

The Demonology easily pulls wheelies thanks to those extra mods, which include a 3.0 liter Whipple supercharger, a good dose of carbon fiber, a BMR suspension upgrade with the advantage of nitrous power. Back in July, Demonology hit the dragstrip with 24” rims, which was something else.

Tesla Model S Plaid

Drag Race: Demonology vs Plaid; This One's Close
- image 1041597
But how does it stack up against this Model S Plaid that belongs to Evsmokeatx? This Tesla isn’t stick, as you can probably guess by that parachute that’s sticking out at the rear

Next, we have the Model S Plaid, which is by far one of the most talked-about cars of the year, and for good reason. It has been annihilating pretty much everything that comes it’s way at the drag strip, with the exception of the Rimac Nevera and a few others. Thanks in part to those landmark 1021 horses from its tri-motor setup.

Now, the one we’re looking at today belongs to Evsmokeatx. This Model S Plaid is anything but stock. In fact, it’s the very first example that I’ve seen that’s rocking a shoot in the back. We don’t have a list of the mods yet, but anything with a parachute ought to be packing some serious performance. Let’s see how it stacks up against the Demonology at the ¼ mile.

Round 1

Drag Race: Demonology vs Plaid; This One's Close
- image 1041573
The lights go out and the Demon has a near-perfect launch with a fantastic RT

The lights go out and Herman had the perfect reaction time, down to the dot, and was off. He almost immediately pulled a lead on the Tesla by a few of car lengths within a couple of 100 feet. From there it was just cruising to the finish line at breakneck speed and there’s not much that the Plaid could do. So round one to Demonology.

Round 2

Drag Race: Demonology vs Plaid; This One's Close
- image 1041581
As promised, Herman gives the Tesla a one-second hit before setting off

Now Herman was mighty impressed with the Tesla and he decides to have another go, with the Plaid getting a hit this time around. He does a mega burnout once again and the pair line up for the second pass. The lights turn green and the Tesla is off, with the Demon setting off about a second later. This time, the Plaid was able to maintain its poise and kept its nose ahead of the Demon. Eventually, it managed to fend of the Dodge, but not by much.

Final Thoughts

Drag Race: Demonology vs Plaid; This One's Close
- image 1041578
And it stays that way all the way to the 1/4 mile. So that’s round one to the Dodge

Both these drag monsters are pretty formidable in their own right. The winner really will depend on which side you decide to take. I leave that choice to you. But I can’t wait to see these two battle it out once again, as the Plaid might get some more upgrades down the line.

You can watch how things unfolded in the video below

Drag Race: Demonology vs Plaid; This One's Close
- image 1041592
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Khris Bharath
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